Rondeau Provincial Park Join the world at the Bird Watching Mecca on Lake Erie's   North Shore & while in Chatham-Kent check out the great things that South Western Ontario has to offer.
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Carolinian Forest
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Rondeau Provincial Park was created in 1894 to protect the unique mix of land forms in it's pocket-book area. Freshwater Dunes and Black Oak Savannah give way to Canada's 2nd largest Carolinian Forest housing close to 200 winter bird species and hundreds more who pass through in migration. The second oldest and second smallest of Ontario's parks, Rondeau is a particularly renowned in birding circles and is the main attraction of a network of birdwatching destinations in Chatham-Kent.

The park has serviced camping spots and there are trailer parks in the vicinity. There are also a variety of
bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels within an hour drive of the park that are also handy to restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Most have information kits and maps and some have route data for cyclists and bikers and special deals - for example: gourmet box lunches for 1-2 or more!
Ice Breakers WHAT TO SEE?
The Friends of Rondeau can help with nature events through the year.
Ontario Parks shows hours fees and services on their web site.
There are birds to watch year-round...the Christmas Bird Count reaches over 100 species every December and the lifetime count is close to 200. Three new birds have arrived over the last 2 counts - Pomarine Jaeger, Sage Thrasher and Northern Waterthrush. Would you like an excel file with the count information for the past 70 years? - click Yes. Numbers swell with the spring migration with some rare species observed. In the fall, tens of thousands Monarch Butterflies gather for the trip south to Mexico.
Lake Erie Aerie ANYTHING ELSE?
Rondeau had great beaches for sunning and swimming, canoeing, craft available for fishing and wreck-diving. All year trails for hiking and skiing are open. Close by are a number of conservation areas and Wheatley Provincial Park. The Port of Wheatley is home to the largest fresh water fishery in the world. Check on
Chatham-Kent for more. Highlights are: Black History and the Underground Railroad, the bigger, better Capitol Theatre, Classic Cars and the Tecumseh Story.
Rondeau is located in Chatham-Kent Ontario Canada, on the North Shore of Lake Erie. C-K is a rather large municipality in area, so we should point out that it is filled with communities. The closest to Rondeau is Morpeth, the largest Chatham which is 40km NW. C-K is bisected by Highway 401 running from Windsor/Detroit to Toronto. The closest commercial airports are Detroit, Windsor and London, each about a 90 minute drive to Rondeau. This summer Via Rail is running a trial bike train to Windsor, allowing a circle tour before returning to the terminal. There are a number of reasonably uncrowded paved roads suitable for cycling through C-K and right into Rondeau Park trails.

Monarchs in Rondeau