The Duchess of Wellington  Creating our largest suite with five windows, a blend of French, British and Austrian influences, a big bath with oversized clawfoot tub, and location at the top of the grand staircase, meant we had to come up with an appropriate name.
            Empire Suite

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 The Duchess was built at the zenith of the great imperial expansions as the 19th Century drew to a close. Some empires (Germany) would last only 2 more decades; others (France) until the 1960s.

 Meanwhile Britain was stepping up to the task of maintaining her far flung interests in South Africa and Afghanistan.

Penny Postage Postage Costs Reduced
 In 1897 Queen Victoria celebrated 60 years on the throne of the British Empire with her Diamond Jubilee.  Xmas 1898 "WE HOLD A VASTER EMPIRE THAN HAS BEEN". That year saw penny postage: 1 pence (2) delivered a letter anywhere in the Empire. Three cent stamps were overprinted to match the new rate(!)
Empire Bath/French Vanity Empire Bath Empire Bedroom Empire Sitting Room Sitting Room from the Bedroom 2nd Floor Windows of Empire Suite