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Chatham is the classic car capitol of Canada, and this is the opportunity for the proud owners throughout SW Ontario to show off.
Fri May 25 Classic Cruise Nite
Sat May 26 Classics on King -                1991 or older. +++
Sun May 27 Entertainment TBA
At the Thames Art Gallery...

Art and Wine give you the opportunity to explore an aspect of Canadian art, and enjoy a glass of wine.


Art and Wine:
Franz Kline                 Feb 15
Jackson Pollock           Mar 21
Willem DeKooning       Apr 18
NY School Influences   May 23
Movies In Chatham...

This is included because Chatham is becoming a classic movie centre. The Cultural Centre has special screenings, see --> for shows at the Kiwanis Theatre, and there is now opera and 3-D at the brand new Galaxy!
Kiwanis Theatre    Galaxy

Cakes and Classics:
Feb 14: The Notebook
Mar 19: Driving Miss Daisy
Apr 23: Rebel Without a Cause
May 14: Shakespeare in Love

Spring at the Chatham Capitol Theatre                                  The Duchess offers show and stay packages - inquire             INFORMATION     TICKETS                                                  

Jan 28: Road to Freedom
Feb 03: Pure Comedy
Feb 16: Romeo and Juliet
Feb 24: Phantom of the Opera
Mar 02: DRUM
Mar 07: Medicine Bear
Mar 17: Aerosmith Tribute
Mar 20: Men of the Deeps

Appearing at Chatham's Kiwanis Theatre 

The Kiwanis Theatre continues to entertain with local talent and visiting artists. 


Feb 9-10-11:The Importance    of Being Ernest
Mar 03: Orchestra London
Apr 14:Orchestra London
May 3-4-5: Funny Money
Ribfest - presented by Chatham Rotary Sunrise
Food, entertainment, did I say food?
July 6, 7, 8 @ Tecumseh Park
Titanic - 100th Anniversary Dinner
Enjoy the meal served on the White Line giant line on the night of April 12, 1912
April 14 2012

At the Chatham Armory
Dinner with Dickens - 200th Birthday.
Charles grew up near the navy dockyard in Chatham, Kent, England, and our town has a natural affection for him. Dinner, entertainment, fun.
February 04 2012

At Club Lentina