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All Aboard! VIA Rail's depot is a few blocks from The Duchess....we'll be happy to pick you up if previously arranged. A check on the current schedule showed for example an 8:00 train from Toronto Union Station and a return from Chatham at 18:00. The trip takes 3 hours. Click on the train for schedules.
Happy Trails The Greyhound terminal is a 5-minute drive from The Duchess...please ask for a pick-up if you decide to take the bus. Typical direct express service from downtown Toronto (for example) is 4 hours, with 4 buses to Chatham and 2 return to Toronto daily. Click on the bus for schedules.
Disembark here. There are extensive moorings for pleasure craft on the Thames River in Downtime Chatham. Some of the downstream spots are a three minute walk from The Duchess. Plan to include us in you next cruise. Click on the boat for more information.

1927 London to London

In Ontario, major airports close to Chatham are Windsor (80 km ) and London (110 km), while Toronto's Lester B. Pearson is 3 hours away by car. Detroit's airport is about 1/2 hour from the Canadian border, and a total of 1 1/2 hours from Chatham. Chatham-Kent has a small airport for private planes about 15 minutes from The Duchess: we will pick you up if you wish.
Indian Sportster On 2 wheels?

The Duchess' Carriage House can provide secure storage for your Raleigh, Harley, or even your prized Indian Sportster.

Getting around Chatham is easy with quick taxi service, convenient city buses with a stop a block from The Duchess, and Downtown a two block walk away. Also within walking distance are the hospital, colleges, municipal and federal offices, churches, museums, cultural centre and library.