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Recommended Restaurants  in Chatham

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Restaurants are listed alphabetically. All serve tasty, healthy food.
The Duchess rates on creativity, attentive service, taste(!) and presentation.
$ are absolute; is a very good rating, ψψψ  is excellent. ψψψψψ is the highest possible (see French Laundry) A ψ:$ ratio of 1:1 is great value.
Cajun Pepper
455 Grand Avenue East
(519) 352-1150
Not really Cajun, but a broad selection of Tex-Mex and South-of-the-Border dishes. Mall-based a five minute drive away in the East End. $$ ψψ
Casa Bella on the Thames
425 Riverview Drive
(519) 354-5270
Fine dining, popular for both lunch & dinner.
Thames view from a heritage home. 4 minute drive.
$$$ ψψψ
Chatham Burgers
215 Grand Avenue West
(519) 354-1414
Fast and tasty burgers and fish&chips. Their 1-pounder should have a warning label. Short walk across the Thames, or a 2 minute drive. $ ψ
Chilled Cork
22 William Street South
(519) 354-7818
Street level restaurant & bar in heritage building. Monday thru Saturday 10:00AM-11:00PM. $$ ψψ
525 Grand Avenue East
(519) 355-1279
Executive Chef Brian Machado specializes in steaks and authentic Portuguese seafood cuisine. 4 minute drive, open for lunch 7 days, dinner Tuesday-Saturday until 9:00. $$ ψψ
The Chef's Table
397 McNaughton Avenue West
(519) 438-0559
Well known location newly reopened under new management. Mike has assured us that they will be upholding the Chef's well-earned reputation. Intimate room in an urban mall, 4 minute drive, lunch and dinner until 9:00. Closed Monday. XTRA ψ March 2011 $$ ψψψ
230 King Street West
Opening at the beginning of September 2011. Tapas and Martini Lounge, downtown a 4-minute walk from The Duchess.
380 King Street West
(519) 380-9119
Newly opened in our neighbourhood, anchoring the near end of restaurant row. Live jazz on weekends, closed Monday and Tuesday. $$ ψψ
Mama Maria's
231 King Street West
(519) 360-1600
Becoming a downtown fixture. Varied menu, pasta featured. Mediterranean decor, patio. Close walking distance downtown. Weekend reservations de rigor.XTRA ψ March 2011 $$ ψψψ
196 King Street West
(519) 351-2772
Italian. Good variety in menu and wine list.
Close walking distance downtown. Casual service, so relax & enjoy.
$$-$$$ ψψ
49 Keil Drive South
(519) 354-0224
Italian. Large selection of excellent pasta.
Strip mall, 4 minute drive. Wine list is disappointing
$$ ψψ
Rice and Noodle
112 Keil Drive South
(519) 354-7878
Chef Brian Zeng brings his Thailand experience and belief in using only the freshest ingredients to a growing force in  the Chatham restaurant scene. 4 minute drive. Open for lunch M-F, dinner until 10, 11 on Saturday and Sunday. $$ ψψ
634 Grand Avenue East
(519) 352-2920
Fine dining in Chatham's long established Roadhouse. Most recently sampled were their appetizers, which were excellent. Good Italian selections and wine list, but uneven service. Mixed client reviews. 4 minute drive. $$$ ψψ
145 King Street West
(519) 352-5281
Home cooking, good specials. Ask for a riverside table
Walking distance downtown.
$-$$ ψ
Thames Lea Restaurant
645 Grand Avenue West
(519) 354-1820
Tasty comfort food. Daily specials. Liver & Onions best in town.
Outdoor shopping mall. 4 minute drive.           
$-$$ ψψ
Tikki Tornado Sushi Bar
103 King Street West
(519) 352-1777
Sushi rolls prepared at bar. Sake. 5 minute walk downtown. Takeout available.    
$$ ψψ
Tokyo Sushi
150 Richmond Street
(519) 351-6688
Newly opened in the neighborhood. Open for lunch and until 10pm (11 on Friday & Saturday)Over 100 Japanese items.    
$$ ψψ
Tru's Grillhouse
220 Riverview Drive
Sharp look, new name and fresh menu all meet with our approval. 4 minute drive from The Duchess. Lunch? - just across the Thames from Union Gas. Uneven service. $$ ψψ
William Street Cafe
28 William Street South
(519) 360-1932
Rated for lunch; wine bar now available.
Longer walk downtown, at the end of King Street.
$$ ψ
See our Daytripping section for excellent eateries in greater Chatham-Kent.
Travelling through or to London? We recommend the following......
Dishington's Tea Room
2485 Main Street in Lambeth
(519) 652-2818
We always try to hit this small establishment for lunch, or between 1 and 3 for a traditional tea with scones, Devonshire cream, preserves and a wide selection of teas. Reservations strongly recommended. Open until 4:00. Closed Sundays. $$ ψψψ
J.J.'s Bistro
1304 Commissioners Road in Byron
(519) 474-3858
Close to the western edge of London's Springbank Park. Unassumingly pleasant atmosphere and a surprisingly creative menu in a village setting. $$$ ψψψ
481 Richmond Street in London
(519) 432-4092
On London's Richmond restaurant row. Open late for the after theatre crowd. As the name implies, liberal use of local garlic and other fresh ingredients. $$$ ψψψ
Travelling through or to Windsor? We recommend the following......
930 Old Tecumseh Road, Belle River
(519) 979-5624
Conveniently located when hitting the eastern edge of Greater Windsor at supper hour. Actually on Hwy 2 in the Puce marina....nice dockside deck when the weather allows. $$ ψψ
543 Wyandotte St E in Windsor
(519) 252-3886
Famous old time deli in old ethnic Windsor. Think Montreal smoked meat piled high, potato salad and thick pie for desert. Or, perhaps a Ukrainian mixed platter. Smeckin'. $ ψ
"a terrific Italian restaurant"
Anywhere on Erie St in Windsor
Popular with Windsor's large Italian population, so you know that the food and wine have to both authentic and really, really good. $$-$$$ ψψ-ψψψ